Carl - Bass Guitar / Backing Vocals

Home: Brighton
Track: Pink Floyd - Money
Down-time: VW Beetle
Howley - Lead Guitar / Vocals

Home: Brighton
Track: Band Of Skulls - Hoochie Coochie
Down-time: Surf
Jamie - Drums / Backing Vocals

Home: London
Track: The Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter
Down-time: Travelling

“Alongside Band Of Skulls they’re establishing the south coast as an enclave for this sort of fuzzy dirt-under-the-fingernails blues rock”
– Classic Rock Magazine

Hailing from the ‘sunshine coast’ of Brighton, UK, the members now spinning riffs as Pint Size Hero began their time together as many rock musicians do – in an attic space crammed with amps. After searching for like-minded souls to share the vision of fuzzy rock tones coated over a rich landscape of snappy song structures, it was drummer Jamie Whitburn who finally crossed paths with lead guitarist & vocalist Chris Howley. "We just knew as soon as we set up our gear in my house and let rip that we locked into each other’s groove so well, it was laid back but always addictively fun to play together" (Jamie Whitburn).

It wasn’t until 2011 that bassist Carl Bartlett completed the final line-up and set the stage for writing and recording a debut album. Having found their own rehearsal space the band quickly set about fitting a recording rig with the help of long time friend and producer Joel Roberts. Soon after the studio was complete in 2011 the band self released album ‘Get Your Kicks’, quickly drawing positive reviews from local press:
“The songs here just don’t sound like a new, self-funded and unsigned band at all; it’s a massive accomplishment. Not just in the professional sound they’ve achieved, but in the way they obviously and instinctively know how rock’n’roll works.”
- Nick Coquet, Brighton SOURCE Magazine

In 2012 the band were invited on the road with Californian rockers 'Rival Sons', touring the UK with their brand of South Coast electric Rock n Roll. On the final night of the tour the band opened a sold-out London Electric Ballroom with audience guests including Jimmy Page & Whispering Bob Harris watching on.

2013 saw continued dates in support of 'Get Your Kicks', including a sold-out show at London's The Borderline opening for The Graveltones. A feature in Classic Rock Magazine as one of the '15 Hottest New Bands In Britain' followed, as well as coverage on NME.com. On top of these exciting new appearances the trio began sessions for their second album, surpassing the ambition of their debut album with a new level of immediacy and refined songwriting, not to mention an extra fuzz pedal or two.

In 2014 the band announced the September 8 release date for album ‘Like A Hurricane’, a second offering of melodic fuzz infused British rock. 

The band worked with independent UK film makers Firebird Films to produce the official music video for lead single 'Hunger'. "I think it was time to match the honesty we've found in making the music we want with a video that showed the quintessential scenery of our hometown - the South Downs. As teenagers growing up in a small seaside town we all found a natural urge to escape, to discover and to immerse ourselves in the wider world. There does however come a time when you can better appreciate your roots and the benefits of growing up in such a place and for us this video is our homecoming" (Chris Howley).

Further video projects with Firebird Films are reported to follow, as well as tour plans in support of Like A Hurricane. 

"Our ideal is to make music that bypasses cultural, language and social barriers - we want the listener to forget their every day worries,  just turn up the volume and escape" (Jamie Whitburn). 

"We've had our warm up and we're ready now, in so many ways we're refined and tuned. 2015 will see Like A Hurricane transformed live as we look to play some of the cities around the UK we've visited and made friends in before, as well as getting further into Europe and pushing to be a part of the 2015 summer festival season" (Chris Howley).
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